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We were expecting Osa to give birth Dec 5th. On Dec. 1st she started looking all around the property: under the house, in doghouses and under tables, for a suitable 'nest'. Harry had slept in her welping box the night before, but tonight he was outside on gaurd while Osa scratched the carpet up all night. The following day, Dec. 2nd about noon, she gave birth to the first puppy and continued at a pretty constant pace of one pup per hour for th next 7 hours! We figure she just couldn't hold out any longer..her tummy was so big!

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Osa is a great mom. She's very protective of her pups. No growling, but she circles them under her like a mother hen and lays her head flat over them and shoots daggers from her eyes at anything threatening. The puppies are in the house under my loft bed, next to their doggie door. Harry is kicked out by Osa. When he comes in the doggie door he knows to swing clear of Osa's nest. She is mellowing the last few days and lets Harry get a peek. Harry seems to be taking parenting very seriously...but is still 'in the doghouse' with Osa.

Harry was raised in the same welping box in the same place as Osa is now back in 2001. This is in the living room directly under my loft bed! I believe that it is important to raise the puppies from birth in contact with the home and people. I have neighbor kids already coming by to pet them, and encourage both men and women to handle them. You've heard of dogs that 'Only like men' or whatever. I believe this is a remnant of poor socialization. I do not believe this makes a dog into a sissy house dog either. Harry has a huge love and loyalty to me and the home. He has free reign thru his doggy door day and night. Yet, he chooses to stay outside, awake, guarding ALL night in inclement weather, only coming in at daybreak for a nap. I believe that this voluntary sense of duty not only comes from their genetics, but from the care, socialization and love they are given from birth.

Today..Sunday the 14th...the 12 day old pups started walking. I first noticed one standing..he was pooping..and then he walked away. Within a few hours they were all walking! One walked over and smelled the poop spot (after Osa cleaned up)..so their noses are engaged too! Still a little toddly on their feet..but real cute!
This eveing some neighbor kids came over to hold them. Osa loves kids so she was happy to have them visit. But this gave Harry a chance to slip in and see the pups!! Photos just uploaded...

OK..enough for now..the pups are only 12 days old. Keep checking back on this page and I'll keep you posted on their developments.

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