Terosa vom Gold-Berg

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Osa is a beautiful young bitch of the best European show lines with a spectacular pedigree.

I wanted a great female to breed Harry to, as well as be a great companion in her own right. I found several great candidates in Germany. There is a organization in Germany that specialized in the long coats: http://www.lsvd-net.de/ . Their member breeders were very helpful in finding a suitable puppy. I must especially mention the overwhelming personal care from Ruth: http://www.beepworld.de/members97/vondenenzianwiesen/ and Dagmar: http://www.house-barrett.com/index1.htm . Both these breeders have their full heart into breeding the highest quality Long Stock Coat Gertman Shepherds.

 Then there are the showline stock coat breeders that get the occasional throw of a long hair. Long coats are like the 'red headed stepchild' and not desirable to the professional stock coat breeders. Yet, in several instances, I found where the breeders were especially attached to these "bad boys". One, a very professional breeder, Victoria, in Oregon: http://www.kennelgold-berg.com/. She had a current litter of wonderful puppies, several long coats, but she favorited and hid away one for herself, who she called "Black Bean". As she said of "Black Bean":
I do have one super coated female with exceptional temperament and pigmentation with also very high profile breeding. This female is something very, very, nice and I am tempted to keep her for my own, she has always been a little spit fire and also very balanced with people and children. The female I can not describe in very good words, she is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL coated GSD I have ever seen at this point and her character is flawless. I will not take less than 2000 for her with full breed rights. This female comes from excellent German breeding with very good hip lines, the dam has one of the very lowest Zuckwerks in all the GSD lineage and the sire, Arko is known for his superb workability, excellent hip line and top production in anatomy and color."


Black Bean (aka Osa and Terosa vom Gold-Berg)

Her father is VA Arko vom Butjenter-Land  , pretty famous. http://gsdonline.com/bszs/index.php?sz=2127951  or  http://butjenterland.com/arko_eng.htm and many more pages and commentary on him. He is considered the new wave after his grandfather Ghandi by some. He lives in Germany


The mother is a fine dog V Priska vom Altenberger-Landhttp://www.pedigreedatabase.com/gsd/pedigree/443243.html  If you know German you can read about her extended family at this website. Priska has one of the very lowest Zuckwerks in all the GSD lineage. ( This is a 'value to the genepool' rating..the lower the better.)  I believe Priska was imported pregnant.


Osa is a dominant alpha female. She feels she must be top dog..except for Harry. She adores and emulates his poses and mannerisms. She has an unshakable confidence in all situations. She does not yet show the focus and working drive that Harry has. She breezed thru basic obedience..when she wasn't trying to bully another dog. As I live a very outdoorsy life with her, she shows great tracking and agility ability. Not only is she good 'on the track', she is a keen 'air scenter' following the sent with her nose high in the air. It is incredible to watch her! She also shows alot of herding drive. She's the boss, and she wants to herd dogs, cats...whatever.

Osa has guaranteed hips and elbows. OFA will not certify this until 24 months of age; a few more months. I will soon have a preliminary X-ray review available. I am confident in her hips, and fully guarantee her puppies. Also note Harry is a 'rare' OFA EXCELLENT for hips.

We all hope this motherhood will mellow her a bit. She has been a high energy teenager and very mischievous. Almost everything I own, from my glasses to cellphone to legs on the table bear her toothmarks. We often referred to her (with affection) 'Devil Dog', as she always seems to dig up or chew your most valuable possession...how do they know?

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