Spectacular Litter whelped Dec 2nd 2008

(0)  3 Males at $1,200 each (gone...backup list)
(0)  4 Females at $900 each (gone...backup list)
(updated  Jan 25th)

This is a gorgeous litter born Dec. 2nd 2008. The puppies will be ready for their new homes after the Holidays, from mid January on.

Most people thinking of buying a German Shepherd in this price range have probably had experience with German Shepherd ownership and need little advice. But, for you who are new prospective German Shepherd owners, I'd like to offer up some advice for your consideration to help you make the choice that will bring you years of happiness...For those already in 'the know' enjoy browsing the following webpages from the links of the mother, father and puppies.

The German Shepherd dog is a wonderful animal, one of the best working and companion dogs that man ever created. Yet man, thru irresponsible breeding practices, has gone a long way to ruining the dog as well. German Shepherds are prone to a large litany of genetic diseases. You are probably familiar with hip dysplasia. It is a horrible disease that you should steer clear of. Make sure that the parents of your new pup are clear of this one. In the USA most common is OFA certification. Also, be careful of a guarantee on hips as well. You wont know there is a problem until the dog is over age 2. Then what do you do? Often they will return your money if you return the dog. By then you are so attached to the dog, and it to you, that you just can't emotionally do that. Or, perhaps they let you keep the dog and give you your money..then what? Probably thousands of dollars in vet bills and therapy for you and your dog to carry on miserably. Do either guarantee option sound that good?

The multitude of other genetic diseases that German Shepherds are prone to are harder to screen for when you buy. Check out both parents thoroughly..eyes, teeth, joints back on and on. Ask questions!! If you buy a pup and saved a few hundred dollars on the purchase, you may be setting yourself up for huge vet bills later to treat chronic problems. Once you have a dog that is 100% attached to you and you love it, money often becomes no object in its care...and it ends up breaking your bank. Sometimes a free dog is the most expensive animal you could ever own, sometimes an expensive dog is the cheapest, as you can perhaps avoid alot of vet bills with a well bred dog with no genetic problems and the intelligence to not do something stupid and get hurt.

Nature vs Nurture...the argument continues. ALOT of the temperament that your new puppy will have as an adult is in it's genes. In the USA too many GS dogs have been bred for looks and not function. The Germans breed for function, like they build their cars. Check out the temperament and intelligence of the parents! Do not buy a puppy with skittish, shy, aggressive etc. etc parents. You will get stuck with a similar dog no matter how loving you raise it. Also, even with good temperament of the parents, beware of how it was raised when small. The worse would example could be a big breeder. Even with top V and VA parents the puppy ends up, for example: only liking women and is aggressive toward Mexican men..why? Mexican men were hired to clean the kennels and treated the puppies very badly, and only a woman ever came in to hold and play with them. This young imprinting sticks, and it may not work out of them for their lifetime.

If you can't buy a German import, try to get as close to Germany (or Europe) as you can. Some breeders in the USA have been the dog's demise. The Germans and Europeans generally keep the dog to a high standard. These puppies are AKC. That basically tells you nothing other than they are pure German Shepherds. I only get AKC papers on them for 'public perception' that this may mean something. Some of the worse examples of the breed are AKC! All four grandparents of these pups have German SV registration as well. Three of the four grandparents were born in Germany. Three of the four grandparents have Schutzhund titles. Read up on Schutzhund. This means the dogs are physically and mentally sound and can work. The puppy's father (Herold von Dagg) is a Schutzhund II, high point earner. A dog needs alot of focus and working drive to be a Schutzhund. I am as yet uncertain what drive the mother Terosa vom Gold-Berg will have. She comes from TOP German show lines, her mother being imported pregnant. She is intelligent, loving, confident, alpha, clear genetics etc...but still needs more mental maturity to know how focused and driven she will be. I would hope these puppies have the drive to do Schutzhund, but I honestly don't know how these genes mix yet. They will certainly be the most beautiful German Shepherds around, turning heads and eliciting questions and comments wherever they go. I certainly hope these dogs will at the very least be the best companion to you and guardian of your family you could ever be blessed with.

Lastly I want to touch on price, as for some it still may be of issue. I encourage you to browse the internet and look for similar puppies. Remember, these are LONG stock coat red and black. (Many people don't ever know there is such a dog..see the German site:
http://www.lsvd-net.de/  ). You will find prices starting about $2,500. That coupled with I paid $2000 (+$300 shipping) for the puppy's mom...and I believe that was a bargain, and the father was pick of the litter (I was breeder) that pups sold for $1,200 and then I put many thousands more into his titles...these pups are already less than 1/2 what they should go for. I am more interested in being able to be picky on their new homes rather than to make a buck. I do this out of love for the animal, breeding is not my business. If you are interested and seem a great home for one of my 'fur faced children', I will work with you on a payment plan.

OK..enough of my ranting. Please look at the following webpages and enjoy the spectacular puppies of the great breed: GERMAN SHEPHERD!!!

Sire: Herold von Dagg    (aka Harry)

Dam: Terosa vom Gold-Berg   (aka Osa)